A matter of GIS.

Our core activity is GIS - Geographic Information Systems; our expertizes cover Geo-Analytics; our conviction is that space is a key dimension; our daily challenge is to democratize Geo-Business Intelligence within all kinds of companies and organizations looking for robust, powerful, innovative spatial capabilities within their business applications.

GeoQlik for Qlik is all of this. GeoQlik for Qlik makes state-of-the-art Location Intelligence within your reach, whether you’re a GIS expert or not, whatever your business activity is, whatever your data formats and volumes are.

Import your business and geographical data in standardized formats; create your spatial analyses using area maps, bubble maps, proportional texts, heat maps, bar and pie charts; customize the colors, opacity, size and tooltips of your mapping analysis styles; create and customize your map legends... select, interact, decide! You've just created your first GeoQlik map within Qlik. You can even create several spatial analyses using different spatial dimensions on one single GeoQlik map, and create several GeoQlik maps in one single Qlik sheet.


Your GeoQlik maps are seamlessly integrated into your Qlik Sense applications. They are linked dynamically to your data and fully interactive, with unlimited drill down and a perfect web responsive display whatever your device: computer, tablet, smartphone.


From self-service Geo-Analytics to Geo-simulation and forecasting: how far will you go?

GeoQlik for Qlik means true, autonomous, self-service Geo-Analytics within Qlik. GeoQlik for Qlik contributes to leveraging today’s Geo-Business Intelligence best practices by processing and displaying very easily small to big volumes of geographical and business data, in order to improve your daily business or operational processes and support your strategic growth plans.

Indeed, GeoQlik for Qlik considers the whole process of decision-making, from simple Location Analytics to advanced forecasting analyses crossing multiple geographical, business and environmental criteria, either at your desk or in plenary session. The more you’ve got quality data, the further you’ll go with GeoQlik for Qlik!


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